Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Whooped by His Own Logic

Brian Brown and NOM:  Bat shit crazy
In the U.S. recently there was a low-key "dinner table debate" on marriage equality between one Mr. Brian Brown (President of the homophobic National Organization for Marriage) and one Mr. Dan Savage (a vocal advocate of equality... and of sanity in general).

I can give you the insta-rundown:  Brian rambled on, jumping about illogically most of the time, covering all the old über conservative talking points.  You know:  "Gay people can't have kids, ergo they can't be allowed to marry; gay people marrying will lead to child abuse and destruction of the family; polygamy will come next and then men will marry horses."  Genius.

Dan did a superb job of presenting the case for equal marriage, as well as shooting holes in the traditional religious counter-arguments.  Dan Savage clearly won the debate because he was, well, logical, accurate, and sane.  You can watch the discussion here if you like.

What was most telling to me, and where Brian Brown unequivocally went down in flames and lost the debate, was when he stumbled over his own logic.

The moderator asked Mr. Brown, since his organization is called the National Organization for Marriage, why he isn't fighting to ban divorce.  That kicked off an interesting back-and-forth.  The tell-tale moment was when the moderator asked Brown, "are you, for example...in favor of making divorce illegal again?"

Brown's response:  "No, just because you believe something is wrong doesn't mean you make it illegal."

(Whaaaaaaa?!  There's a bitch-slap of irony for you.)

Savage:  "Then why not have the same policy toward civil gay marriage."

Brown:  "But that is -- then again, there is a misunderstanding here..."

Ya think?  Brian Brown and his cohorts have a major misunderstanding of rational logic.  He trapped himself in his own argument.  It was an epic fail and I absolutely loved it!

Friends, this is the idiocy the homophobes are presenting.  Not hard to see why the side of fear-based, right-wing bigotry loses every single time in a court of law.  Some day they'll fade into the history books as small-minded zealots, just like those who opposed interracial marriage in the first half of the 20th century.

Hasten the day, and good riddance!


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