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Oh those shocking gay people!

The facial expression says it all!  I hope he was able to sleep that night.

As you may or may not know, on Saturday the 24th of June in the beautiful city of Baguio, there was a mass same-sex marriage ceremony.  Some sources say that eight couples were wed, others say ten, but the number isn't that important -- the fact that they did it is what matters.

The marriages, dubbed Holy Unions by the officiating church, were conducted by ministers of the Baguio chapter of the MCC, or Metropolitan Community Church.  The MCC has three churches in the Philippines:  one in Quezon City, one in Makati City, and one in Baguio City.  It is a Christian church that has congregations all over the world, and ministers largely to members of the LGBT community, many of whom are rejected or outcast from certain mainstream denominations.  The MCC also conducts Holy Unions for committed same-sex couples who have been in a stable relationship for at least eight months.

It goes without saying that same-sex marriage is, of course, not recognized in the Philippines.  Some say it is "illegal," but that's not entirely correct.  There's actually nothing stopping two consenting adults from marrying each other in a commitment ceremony in a church (there is no specific law that expressly forbids same-sex marriage), as long as the priest or minister agrees to it and wishes to officiate.*

The Philippine government will not, however, recognize the marriage as a legal union, no thanks to the tricky little clause in Articles 1 and 2 of the Family Code which define marriage as being a union between a man and a woman.  This means that Philippine authorities cannot issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, and that they will not honor any same-sex marriage certificates issued either by churches in the Philippines or by governments abroad.

(Actually that last point is a legal sticking point because Article 26 states that marriages solemnized legally outside of the Philippines shall be valid in the Philippines as well, which is why Rep. Relampagos of Bohol wants to amend the Article to specifically prohibit recognition of same-sex marriages contracted abroad.)

..."We pity them, they love each other but they cannot be wed"
Needless to say, the Catholic Church is in a tizzy over this, especially Baguio bishop Carlito Cenzon, whose shocked face appears on the cover of Sun Star Baguio above.  "Wedding should involve only a woman and a man," he chided.  "Same-sex wedding is wrong and cannot be called a holy union.  We pity them, they love each other but they cannot be wed."

Cenzon added that these unions are an insult to the Catholic Church, said that the couples and the officiating pastors have "mental defects," and then went on to say that the Church is not discriminating against LGBTs.  This is yet another example of the classic double-speak of the Catholic leadership -- we like gay people even though they're mentally defective... we don't discriminate against them... but they cannot have rights and they must do what we say!... but, but, but we don't discriminate!  See also here and here.

I especially loved the irony that these marriages took place on the same day that the great state of New York passed a Marriage Equality Act which legalized same-sex marriage there.  This is why I'm a bit confused as to why the bishop is in shock.  I'm wondering, does he live under a rock?  Same-sex marriage is nothing new, and surely the good bishop watches the news and reads a newspaper or two every now and then.  Same-sex unions are recognized and honored by literally dozens of countries around the globe, and more are being added to the list all the time, so this can hardly be "shocking" anymore now in 2011.  Perhaps Cenzon just doesn't get out much.

In great Christian love, Cenzon is now even calling on the national government to take necessary steps against such ceremonies because they "violate the Civil Code."  Seems he's a bit confused because, as I stated above, Philippine law does not expressly forbid same-sex blessing ceremonies from taking place under the auspices of non-Catholic clergy who support it.  Philippine law may not recognize such ceremonies as legally binding, but it doesn't outlaw them from happening.  That is part of Filipinos' right to freedom of religion.  Does he want the police to start raiding churches suspected of conducting private blessings between consenting adults just because it upsets the Catholic Church?  C'mon bishop, you're better than that.

And so, allow me to express my congratulations to the newlyweds in Baguio.  I wish you the very best of luck in your futures together, and I encourage you to always keep your heads held high.  Never let the ignorant words of prejudicial people get you down.  Remember that there are many of us in the straight community who stand by you!

*There has been some reference to the idea that the officiating pastors violated Section 352 of the Revised Penal Code (performance of illegal marriage ceremony).  The unions in Baguio were not, however, marriages, and there was no misrepresentation that they were.  They were not advertised as such, announced as such, and were not submitted to the NSO as such.


Warning! said... Best Blogger Tips

This has made me really angry now so I have to speak my mind out here. Gay marriage is an afront to our country's morals and norms! If we want to preserve our national dignity and stop more of this decay we need to OUTLAW gay marriage once and for all! We must battle this immoralities wherever it is sprouting up. I don't know how else to say it but it really is the Anti-Christ spirit, no matter what these other "advanced" na countries are saying! These places Canada and New York and Norway and others are just so GODLESS!! Do NOT let them turn our country into a Sodom and Gomorah the same as them! What did God to Sodom and Gomorah? You find out.

The mayor in Baguio should have done something to stop this from happening. This really is desecrating our land. I also think this blog is CORRUPTING THE MIND OF THE MINOR who might read it! In the beginning God did not create Adam and Steve! Ang babae ay para lang sa lalaki, ang lalaki ay para lang sa babae!! Bobo!! This is why Man + Woman = Child, and Man + Man = AIDS!

Matakot kayo sa Diyos!

DefendGod said... Best Blogger Tips

Well said Warning! God made man and woman, not bakla and tomboy!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Man+Woman=Child and Man+Man=AIDS hehehe thats the best one so far! I agree 100% with the comments here, this is really sick and we don't want this in the Philippines!! We are Catholic country not devils like some other countries!! This nonsense is against the will of God!!

Sebastian in Malmö said... Best Blogger Tips

Holy crap, are these 3 people leaving comments here really this stupid? How dare you say that other countries are godless. Ignorant buffoon.

I'm writing from Sweden. We have same-sex marriage here. I'm looking out my window and it's a beautiful summer day with sunshine, birds singing, everything is peaceful. According to you "Warning", Sweden should be in ashes or crumbling into the sea. News flash: we're doing very, very well here.

Try to do a comparison of the stats between your country and my country (standard of living, quality of life, economic situation) and then tell me who you think it looks like God is happy with and who God is unhappy with. You even have lots of natural disasters all the time, while here we don't have any.

And yes "Anonymous", you think we are devils because we treat people fairly? Yeah that's why many of your countrymen come to my country and then they don't want to leave...because we're a terrible devil country. You're like a child who hasn't learned anything yet.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

yes we know that sweden is a rich country but I actually think that we in the philippines are actually more civilized because atleast we recognize GOD'S law and do not allow unnatural "marriages" of the same gender. and just wait to see because no countries that have allowed the gay "marriage" have survived. just like with ancient roman empire, this type of "marriages" brought destruction in the land. if you will also follow the example of rome ok then you have to watch out for a similiar fate to come. my pastor advised us in our congregation to stay away from baguio city na because calamities are surely on the way because of this immorality. so there.

Phillip said... Best Blogger Tips

Most people are secure with their gender identity. Why should we bend the rules for the sake of some people who cant accept what nature has given them? Homosexuals cant even accept themselves and yet they are crying about discrimination. These people are really cofused, and I dont think that this blog is helping things. If you ask me, same sex marriage is just too much.

Smart Mom said... Best Blogger Tips

Why should the human anatomy be altered?? Marriage of the same sex is disorderly and chaotic, and twisting of order and decency. You must respect the Church. It will create problems with health (diseases), promiscuity, adoption, inheritance. All these will be in great turmoil. SAME SEX ''MARRIAGE'' IS DISORDERLY

Erik said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Phillip and Smart Mom.

Phillip, gay people are not confused or insecure, and they do accept themselves. The fact that they're standing up for their rights shows that. Homosexuals do, in fact, accept what nature has given them. They have no desire to "become" the opposite sex, nor do they feel they were born in the wrong body. I have a feeling you're confusing gay people with transgendered people. Transgenders are mistakenly thought of as being "confused" because they often act and dress as members of the opposite sex, but this in fact is not confusion, they are simply dressing to match their gender identity. Transgender persons and gay persons are not one in the same.

Smart Mom, whose anatomy is being altered? It was a commitment ceremony, not a public sex change operation. Denying same-sex couples the rights and benefits of marriage actually creates health problems, not the other way around. Promiscuity, both straight and gay, has existed since the dawn of time and it always will. Same-sex marriage actually reduces promiscuous behavior, because it gives LGBTs the opportunity to enjoy the rights and protections of stable, monogamous relationships. The example of other nations with marriage equality has shown this.

Disorder and chaos are what exist right now in the realm of adoption and inheritance (and social security and pension rights and medical decisions and income tax) because same-sex couples have no right to form legal partnerships in the Philippines. Having no rights and no government recognition is what causes the legal limbo and chaos, and that chaotic wrong would be righted with the establishment of registered partnerships.

venus said... Best Blogger Tips

Haayz, I sometimes wish that we are still a part of Spain... We would at least have more equal laws and same-sex marriage too...

jOel said... Best Blogger Tips

gusto nila magkalat ng kababuyan nila? punta sila sa newyork o europe, not here. (they want to spread their dirtyness? they should go to newyork or europe,not here.)

JDGopez said... Best Blogger Tips

To each his own; their own lives, their own decisions, their own businesses. In a legal case like this, people should separate the Church from the State. The government exists for the legal rights of the citizenry while the Church exists for those who actually believe. Not everyone is under a Church but everyone is under a government. The State should support the rights of every single citizen regardless of sex, race, color, sexual orientation, etc. Equal rights for every citizen. There should be an end to ignorance, stereotyping and discrimination in this country. Support equal human right, not equal heterosexual human rights.

Erik said... Best Blogger Tips


One of the most common sense statements I've heard in a while: "Not everyone is under a Church but everyone is under a government." Very well put!

Jords said... Best Blogger Tips

If this country stays roughly 85% Catholics, same sex relationships can never become an approved law. One can marry anybody even his or her pets but up to ceremonial rites only, no legal binding documents could be effected.

Erik said... Best Blogger Tips


Thank you for your comment. But...I really fail to see the logic. There are many countries which are majority-Catholic yet they recognize same-sex partnerships and marriages. Portugal is 85% Catholic, Ireland is 87% Catholic, Brazil is 75% Catholic, and Argentina, Uruguay, and Colombia are all over 85% Catholic, yet their governments all recognize either same-sex partnerships or marriages.

Furthermore, polling among Catholics throughout the West show that less than a quarter of Catholics are opposed to legalized same-sex relationships (LA Times story). While this open-minded trend is not yet the case among Catholics in the Philippines, it likely may be at some point in the future. My point is that many Catholics and Catholic-majority countries are very progressive, so never say never.

Also, I trust that you were joking about marrying pets, and that you weren't equating same-sex marriage to bestiality. The two are obviously light years apart.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

The first three comments frustrate me. Homosexuals are not confused about their identities. They call themselves homosexuals because they "know" and "accept" that they are indeed homosexuals.

Rather, I think the confused ones are these close-minded individuals who just threw strong words against homosexuals. Please... don't confuse your religious commandments and laws from human rights. You can express your religious obsessions inside the walls of your church.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

"This is why Man + Woman = Child, and Man + Man = AIDS!" -- by Warning!, 1st comment

I pity you for your ignorance. Want me to add some more to your equations?

Man + Woman = Possible pre-marital sex
= Possible unwanted child
= Possible forced marriage
= Possible unhappy family
= Possible mentally-ill child
= Possible broken family
= and don't forget the fact that it can also cause AIDS, don't tell me that heterosexuals are immune from this.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

appealing to homophobic and ignorant to please review your opinions with factual study and not just stupid thought.. We are not perfect and that includes you, and what you say is entirely a reflection of what you learned... What did your parents and your church tell you about making peace to mankind? to prosecute? Pity you guys

Tommy said... Best Blogger Tips

The ignorant are the ones who do not study the BIBLE, and we are not homophobic by standing up for the BIBLE!! Yes my church and my parents tell me that boys do not go with boys but boys go with girls. Common sense. If only these gays & lesbians would read what happened to SODOM & GOMORRAH, that old city now found in the famous Dead Sea near Israel. They would be convinced of how same sex unions and intercourse is abhorred by GOD. When will mankind ever learn ??

AJ.E said... Best Blogger Tips

How is same-sex marriage such a bad thing to you people? This is why the Philippines is seen as low: We are still stuck in our barbaric beliefs, we judge and we judge and we judge, but then we go to church. That's fucked up. We are so behind because people like you are closed minded and sad. What the fuck do you care if two men or two women marry each other? Why? Will you die? Will your so-called LOVING and ACCEPTING God give you less blessings if two men you don't even know get married. Marriage is marriage. It is a bond between people who love each other regardless of their sex. Some people get married because they were forced to, have nothing else in life, or just impregnated the girl. And if you people can't see that LOVE is LOVE no matter the differences, then fuck you and fuck you twisted, ancient beliefs.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Because AJ.E, it is a sign of societal decay. Can you not see that we who oppose these types of special gay rights are concerned with our country? We are not judging, we are concerned about the family. I do not really mind it if there is a form of legal recognition for two gays or lesbians (maybe like a partnership law or something, but maybe not calling it marriage), but what is most concerning is for the kids. Having two dads really is not normal, and what it will do to these children to have such an abnormal expample to follow. You need to watch your language AJ.E because you attack others by saying f#*k!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh dear. There is nothing abnormal about being homosexual. Non-normative, yes, but certainly not abnormal. You may want to educate yourself on the "normality" of sexual orientation and gender identity. You may want to access the primer issued by the American Psychological Association on sexual orientation here:

Societal decay? Oh my. Aren't prejudice, discrimination, and hate more symptomatic of societal decay? As they say, when you point a finger, three of your own fingers are pointing back at you.

I really do not understand why straight people concern themselves with LGBT issues. If you believe in a God of wrath than of love, so be it. If you believe that LGBT individuals will burn in eternal damnation, what is it to you (assuming that you're straight)? Didn't Jesus proclaim that WHOSOEVER believed in him, even though they die, will live? We all await the judgement of our Lord. Work on your own salvation. Leave God to judge LGBT individuals. I am sure, however, that the proclamation of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour is the only requirement when you stand before our Lord- not your sexual or gender identity.

I have two wonderful lesbian friends who are raising a beautiful daughter. She has grown to become a loving, kind, and brilliant girl. I pity children growing up in hostile, prejudiced homes. They learn to hate and grow up to become hateful adults. Like you perhaps?

The right to marry is an intrinsic human right. LGBT rights are the same basic rights you possess. People like you, however, try to block LGBTs from accessing the rights they should be enjoying.

A.J.E. has every right to say fuck. You mentioned attack. Is it not you who attack in this forum? Don't you consider your own attacks on LGBT individuals- people you don't even know- the starkest form of cultural decay?

The discussion on the Bible is futile. It is clear that the Bible is read through many lenses. A great number of straight theologians will argue with you that the Bible is homophilic, as opposed to homophobic. You should try educate yourself on this perspective. A nugget of thought, since you proclaim to be CHRISTian, where in the gospels did Jesus Christ, in his full humanity, admonish homosexuality?

Live and let live. Do not concern yourself with matters that does not concern your own being. Salvation is to be had for whosoever believes in Christ. Choose love over hate. We have enough hate going around already.

Try be CHRISTian for once. It's a liberating wonderful existence.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

@Tommy - its not on the question if boys goes out with boys and girls goes out with girls... ang pagiging judgemental ay mali... if you talk about SODOM, you better read the Bible again. Diba blasphemous pag mali ang sinasabi sa pag interpret ng bibliya... Una, it is said that sodomy is strictly not applicable only for homosexual. sa lahat yan... UNNATURAL SEX... wag ka maging ipocrito na di ka nagsasalsal o nagpapachupa o dumidila ng puke... unnatural din yan... SODOMY yan... tanga ka pala sa pag interpret ng bible mu...

And sino yung nagsasalita tungkol sa family? sa tingin mu di kami parti ng isang pamilya? sino ka ba to question that.. are you telling us na ang family na tanggap anganak nila na bakla at tomboy ay masasama? gulo mu kausap to talk about the concpet of family...

Bawat isa ay may karapatan.. kung ayaw ninyo na maging masaya ang aming sector, gawain ba yan ng isang katoliko? ang maging miserable ang mga ibang tao at maging sunod sunoran sa isang simbahang nananamantala sa pera ng PCSO/bayan... plastic ninyo!!!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips


I'm sorry, but you're defending the bible the wrong way. You might want to read Sodom and Gomorrah once again. Sodom was burned down for a lot of other heavy reasons... since that city is full of crimes.

Watch this for a detailed explanation:

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