Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sotto's March of Shame Goes On and On

Shamed Senator Vicente Sotto, of the Nationalist People's Coalition, keeps digging his hole of ignorance deeper and deeper.

Senator, it's time to put the shovel down.

We all saw him recently crying in the Senate during his passionate attack on the "big, bad" RH Bill (which has been proposed for more than a decade now), in which he used out-dated "facts" and was caught red-handed plagiarizing the intellectual property of no less than five bloggers.  He then crassly dared the bloggers whose writings he pirated, to sue him.  But that wasn't enough it seems.

It's no secret that Sotto is a Roman Catholic right-winger when it comes to social issues.

He's loud and proud in his opposition to women's right to make reproductive health decisions for themselves...

He's convinced (wrongly I might add) of the dangers of birth control pills, and he seems to have a dreaded fear of condoms.  Perhaps he's allergic to latex.  (A bad past experience perhaps?)...

He's all for the state being able to force couples to remain married, no matter the circumstances...

He enjoys dictating to Filipina women what they medically and surgically can and cannot do with their own bodies...

He's convinced that the UN and Western governments are pushing for the RH Bill as part of a "global abortion lobby" because they want to weaken the Philippines in order to exploit it.  Um, WTF.  Conspiracy theorize much?...

And needless to say, as a typical blast-from-the-past social conservative, he believes that state-sanctioned gay and lesbian relationships will cause God to send a rain of fire down upon the Philippine Islands...

Now, no doubt to the glee of the CBCP, Senator Sotto is blocking the Senate version of the Anti-Discrimination Bill (the Anti-Racial, Ethnic, and Anti-Religious Discrimination Bill of 2011).  He is refusing to take it up until the term SOGI (which stands for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) is struck from the text.

That's right.  Sotto is willing to pass the Anti-Discrimination Bill... only if it discriminates against LGBTQ Filipinos.  As Senate majority leader, Sotto unfortunately has such power.

It seems it's not enough for Mr. Sotto to keep the Philippines from progressing, neither is it enough to treat LGBTQ Filipinos like society's abnormal misfits by vowing to fight against legal recognition of their relationships.  No, he goes that extra mile:  he doesn't even want his LGBTQ compatriots to be protected against blatant discrimination in the workplace, school, and health care setting.

What an honorable servant of the people.  The CBCP certainly have their man in the Senate.

I think it's time for Sotto to take a very, very long vacation.  He needs to go back to telling corny jokes on TV, or perhaps just join the priesthood if he feels so passionately about his convictions.  He might look good in a long, pretty white robe, who knows.

Sotto needs to get the hell out of the Senate and let the Filipino people get on with business.  Let them get on with their lives.  Let them get on with the future of their nation.

I encourage you to contact Mr. Sotto via email to let him know that bigotry, homophobia, discrimination, and limiting the rights of women are not compatible with 21st-century democratic Filipino values.  Better yet, run against Sotto in the next election and take his Senate seat.

Apparently it's cool to be pro-fetus, as long as you're anti everything else

Ref. Mindanao Examiner


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