Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Great Pro-Marriage Ad From Britain

Here is an absolutely wonderful marriage commercial from our friends in the UK.  A lovely, powerful, and important message in promotion of the civil rights issue of our generation.

The UK has had a Civil Partnership Law for same-sex couples since 2005.  Those partnerships are equal to heterosexual marriage in every way, including in adoption rights, except that they're not called marriages.  A separate, albeit equal, category. 

A new bill which seeks to apply the term "marriage" to all relationships, gay as well as straight, has this week been submitted in British parliament.  It will likely be voted on in the lower chamber sometime in February, and has the backing of the major political parties as well as Prime Minster David Cameron.

Good luck, UK!  All love is equal, so let's keep working to end marriage discrimination once and for all!


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