Saturday, September 8, 2012

I love me some Wanda Sykes!

Well-known American comedienne and actress Wanda Sykes is absolutely awesome.  Anytime I watch any of her stand-up comedy shows or acting spots on TV and in movies, I just can't stop laughing.  She's comedy gold if you ask me.  Her most recent film work was as the voice of Sid's Granny in Ice Age: Continental Drift.

Wanda is happily married to her wife, Alex, who hails from France.

In response to the recently released 2012 Republican Party Platform, which includes an idiotic proposal to write an amendment to the US constitution to ban same-sex marriage, Wanda's sense of humor shined through on television interviews.

According to Wanda (and common sense in general), the hard right shouldn't be threatened by marriage equality:

"It's not going to be mandatory.  It seems like gay people are crazy and we go around and canvass the whole neighborhood: 'Come to my big gay wedding, come on, it's mandatory!''   'If you don't agree with it, then chances are you don't know anyone who is gay or are close to someone who is gay, so that even increases your chances of never being invited to a same-sex wedding."

You can see the full MSNBC interview with Wanda Sykes below.

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