Monday, December 19, 2011

Double-standard Much?

Right-wingers aren't trying to ban this:

Strip clubs and nudie bars all over the world: big money, big immorality

Or this:

A typical beach party during spring break, where random drunken sex is the rule, not the exception.  I could have shown much more graphic photos of these huge spring break parties, but you get the idea.  Use your imagination.

Or this:

Red light district prostitution across the globe

Or even this:

Approximately 30% of marriages involve adultery/cheating

No, what right-wingers obsess over, panic about, and want to ban, is this:

A worse threat to society than cheating spouses and rampant promiscuity??  Give me a break.

To them, even marriages that aren't built on love, that were done on a whim, and that end in divorce the very next day are long as they're between a man and a woman:

Brittany Spears married this guy in Vegas. This is their actual wedding photo.  The marriage lasted 55 hours.  They married on a whim and then divorced on  a whim, but they're straight so it's okay...

But gay couples who have been faithfully committed to each other and in love for decades are deemed as "a threat"...

Phyllis Lyon and Dorothy Martin were finally allowed to legally wed in California in 2008.  Both in their 80s, they had been a faithful couple since 1952.

Double-standard much?

Right-wing Christians and moralists, please do the earth a favor and think before you speak.  Think about the lives and rights of your fellow human beings that you're trying to stomp underfoot. Try pulling the 2x4 out of your own eye before forcefully removing the speck of dust you think you see in your neighbor's.

Live and let live, and maybe focus on some of the more important issues facing society and families today.

Please take Jesus' advice:  don't throw stones.  Especially when you yourself live in a glass house.


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