Friday, October 7, 2011

Some Good Old Fashioned RH Bill Panic

For a more recent post on RH (and abortion) in the PH, click here.

Are they serious?  Are these for real?  When I saw these they absolutely blew my mind.  Do these people live in a constant state of fear, or what the hell?

So... medical treatment for teens with STDs and unplanned pregnancies isn't a waste?

Well, why not "Obey God's Will, Stop Molesting Children"?


Um, sex education please. It's better than AIDS or becoming a teen parent.

And my all time personal favorite on the trip to crazy town...

I knew it!  I always had a feeling that's where slavery came from.  I guess that's why all of us in the West are slaves, and why we have to call our politicians "master."  Wow, thanks for clearing that up for me, anti-RHers!

Yes folks, if adult Filipinos get to make decisions for themselves about their families it will lead to slavery (even though less government intrusion into private life is quite the opposite of slavery), so pick out your favorite whips and collars now.  I suppose President Aquino will be the dictator who will implement the enslavement of the Filipino people... after he gives "the gays" the right to marry, of course.

So anti-RHers, change thine acronym from DEATHS bill to DEATHSS bill in order to better reflect the true progressive agenda:  divorce, euthanasia, abortion, two-child policy, homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and then of course the cherry on top that everybody's begging for:  slavery.  Hmm, well, that extra "S" does make it sound extra snake-like, and the devil is a serpent after all!  Ah-ha!  The insanity comes full circle.


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