Sunday, February 27, 2011

Coming to a Town Near You: Android Nuptials!

Mmmmm...sweet robot lovin'
This hilarious piece of info was sent to me from a friend in the U.S.

Apparently some fear-mongering "afraid of the gays" right-wing loony guy named Robert Broadus, a Republican candidate for U.S. Congress, has "warned" the Maryland state Assembly that if it passes a marriage equality law it will lead to android weddings.  (Maryland looks to very soon have marriage equality; the state Senate has already passed the bill and the state House will vote on it soon.)

Okay, seriously, this is just desperately insane.  I literally laughed out loud when I read about this.  It's beyond logic.  What on earth are these people smoking that makes them so loopy?!  Whatever it is it must be expensive stuff, because it obviously works really well.

Here's a peek inside Broadus' scary mind with this quote:

"If you pass this bill you will set the groundwork that one day, when artificial intelligence is that advanced, you will be considering whether people will marry their androids. Anyone who’s watched Star Trek, you’ve seen the character Data …He was able to generate a tear because he could feel emotion...If you say that any two people who love each other can get married, then you set that precedent."
What??  It doesn't even make any sense.  Sounds to me like he watched Bicentennial Man and he's been having nightmares about it ever since.  Or maybe he recently watched A.I. and he's become obsessed with Jude Law as the gigolo android character, Gigolo Joe.  Apparently he has a thing for Star Trek's Data, too.  Hmmmm, perhaps Mr. Broadus is just into male androids; maybe he's conflicted over his own homorobosexual feelings for robot dudes.

I think this guy might be genuinely nuts.  In January he went on a different rant against marriage equality, fixating on male-male sex and blaming same-sex marriage for the breakup of his own failed marriage.  He and his wife (poor woman) recently divorced.  I think I see why.  The guy's a wacko!  Either that or his wife finally got sick of hearing him obsess over hot male robots.

We've heard this slippery-slope sky-is-falling garbage before, and now it's getting more and more desperate because they know they're losing the battle.  It's actually pretty comical.

Equality is coming and it's here to stay.  Deal with it robo-Robert Broadus.


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