Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thumbs-up for Pink and Perry

American singers Pink and Katy Perry both have new songs out with pro-equality messages.  To top it off, the videos further promote the message.  Pink's video, Raise Your Glass, features a same-sex wedding complete with the newlyweds kissing at their reception, and Katy Perry's Firework also features a guy-guy kiss.

These are great songs with a great message, and I applaud both Pink and Katy Perry for boldly taking a stand to promote equality.  The question remains whether these video will be shown in their entirety on TV in the Philippines, or whether the MTRCB will panic at the sight of two men's lips touching and, in order to prevent the sky from falling, decide to censor it...

If that's the case, you can at least see Firework right here:

Update:  January 2011
I travel back and forth between Norway and the Philippines quite a lot, and I was home in Norway for the holidays.  Low and behold, I happened to see this video on Norwegian TV while I was there, and it was shown in its entirety (including the kiss).  Then I came back to the Philippines and caught the video on MYX Philippines (kind of the Filipino MTV), and surprise surprise, the kiss was censored out.  How sad.  I don't know why the Philippines is so afraid of everything.


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